5 Secrets to become the next Amazon in e-Crackers

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It is not every day somebody walks out of the job that was making a bundle, to be the bundle instead. But Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon Inc., did. He could not resist his vision on building an online store for books and making it as the largest one in the world. Unlike his vision, the company is not built in a day. The idea, along with the strategies of business and technology, sheer hard work in the right direction, made his firm a firm one.

Like any other product, fireworks hub will be soon took over by e-commerce. Not too soon or too late, it is “the moment” to turn into Amazon, but in your own way. The, “Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It “, is an engaging book for both entrepreneurs and managers. It’s a book about building a great company. Jeff and Bryan, the authors of the book talks about growing and scaling a company that lasts. It’s about agile design of customer experiences. And it’s about using data well.

We have pulled the 5 important principles from Amazon’s corporate discipline protocol to climb this e-commerce ladder without stumbling.

-Crackers Code #1 Work Works

Internet is a levelled field for many business to sell their products online. There are millions of consumers worldwide, but possibly thousands of competitor websites competing for their attention.
Moving your products to online is just like starting any other business- it involves a lot of work. First you have to get visitors to your site and then deliver great service and great products.

If online selling is same as that of an offline store, then why consider moving it to web?

The bright side in an online store is that, selling products online is much less expensive compared to opening a physical store.

The #1 is simple and classic. The old saying, hard-work and efforts goes hand in hand, is still the first and foremost code for any successful business. The more time and effort you put into creating and promoting your online store, the more sales you will see. Even if things are pacing in a slow fashion at the beginning of your journey, keep working and you will find success!

e-Crackers Code #2 Choose the niche

“What product should I sell online?” is a question we get asked. There is no right or wrong answer. With Stutzen, you can sell digital products, physical products, and even services.

To grab the spotlight, become more specific, consider the niche market you want to target. This will help you decide what products to sell online and who is your potential buyers.

In our case, we focus on the fireworks as our product. Fireworks can help you to target on people who are looking for celebrations and functions. They can be looking for religious festivals, weddings or any grand party celebrations or even to buy sometimes as wholesale.

The niche also helps in identifying the competitors and the competition, which means you have more chance of drawing a competitive marketing strategy. The clearer the marketing strategy, better the reach is.

e-Crackers Code #3 Customer Centricity

This is one of the four pillars of the Amazon business protocols. Customer centric business will drive growth and gain competitive advantage. “The overall idea of setting up an online store is simple, you need the visitor to save their time and get a positive experience”, says the Amazon founder. The feel of being contented and satisfied makes the visitor to become a prospective customer.

While setting up an e-Crackers online store, in addition to the overall web design and ease of usage, your visitor should be able to find what they are looking for in less than 10-20 seconds. You can also have an idea of categorizing your products into festive packages, gift packages or celebration packages for the quirky shoppers.

Three golden rules are:

  • Do not force visitors to register when they first visit your website
  • Never complicate the navigation on your website or blog.
  • Don’t make buying process long by collecting a lot of information from buyers. The more the steps are, the greater the friction. And your buyers may abandon their purchase.

e-Crackers Code #4 Steady Process(Web) Optimisation

The business that chooses for a continuous optimisation keeps climbing up and up. When the room for improvement is ignored, there is a stagnant in the growth and a drain on the investment. Amazon has taught the entire world, continuous optimisation can lead to excel in customer service. Their ACES (Amazon Customer Excellence System) stands as a proven example to this secret code

Fact: News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.

Secret Code #4 is be steady in process optimisation, keep improving from self evaluation and feedbacks.

Improving the support

Your consumers need to know they will have support after they make a purchase if needed. Guaranteeing troubleshooting after the purchase and consulting before the purchase can convert potential buyers into loyal, returning customers.

Improving the security

Show that your site is secure and verified by trusted third parties like Symantec or McAfee. If planning on handling credit card information, your website or blog will need to be on a secure server and PCI compliant. This takes a lot of work and time, or you can choose Stutzen to get your website secure.

Improving the logistics

If you sell physical products like firecrackers, prompt shipping is important, as is providing the buyer with the ability to track their shipment.

-Crackers Code #5 Promoting with your wits.

You need to attract people to your store and help them take the step of making a purchase.
Put yourself in your prospective buyer’s shoes.

What will they do?

Most likely, they search on Google for something they are looking for or ask for advice on a forum or from other people on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. You will need to invest a considerable amount of time and energy each week to promote yourself. Focus on getting prospective customers to visit your blog or website.

Consumers needs and desires keeps changing. The quicker your promotion is adapting to the consumer insights, the faster the growth is. Keep your consumers engaging by sending in them festive wishes and offers, so that they have you in their bucket list always.
Ex: Diwali is the festival where every firecrackers business would promote their products. But for the rest of the year, 75 % of the manufacturers don’t take serious efforts in promotion. Instead, you can promote during every festive occasions like holi, dussehra, new year, christmas, weddings and many more to keep your promotion and business happen round the year.

Existing customers are your most profitable. Encourage your customers to visit your site, by updating your content, talking about new products, posting relevant posts they would be interested in, and freshening up the areas you feel are under performing.

Encourage your customers to share a link or two on their social media accounts. You are asking them to share your online store with their network—personal recommendations and endorsements can be valuable and will convert well as a source of new customers.

Ex: Use referral/promo code to encourage your customers to share your link in their social media

GoodWill Fireworks

Stutzen is proud to be one of the largest fireworks manufacturers. The goodwill firecrackers is our prideful online store, that has become the no 1 online store across the country, built with all the elements that drives growth and profit in a connected way.

We remembered the four pillars adopted by the one of the most successful ecommerce business a.k.a Amazon

  1. Customer Centricity.
  2. Continuous Optimization.
  3. Culture of Innovation.
  4. Corporate Agility.

Stutzen is creative in everything, from understanding the needs to devising the right plan and implementing them in industrially effective way. Goodwill fireworks stands as a proven result for our adopted e-commerce approach in fireworks hub. Being a native from the fireworks hub (SIVAKASI) we can understand the culture, native business concepts, economics and promotion ideas that is required.

“More than 100s’ of prospective customers and still counting”

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