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Hiring an outsource provider? Here’s how you can find right partner

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Identifying the right partner for your outsourcing business activities will get you desired end-result Outsourcing used be an old school and considered as one of the cost-cutting move. When the investments are at higher stakes, outsourcing jumped in the picture for many businesses. Many see this as one of the cheap move by the businesses.Read more

8 Steps you must take to make your Mobile Application Better

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This breakdown to build a robust mobile application is your answer key to successful online business Every business has a mobile application, but few make it to the Hall of Fame, rest sits in the app store waiting for it to be discovered. The past 2 decades has shifted the users and consumers to mobileRead more

5 Secrets to become the next Amazon in e-Crackers

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It is not every day somebody walks out of the job that was making a bundle, to be the bundle instead. But Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon Inc., did. He could not resist his vision on building an online store for books and making it as the largest one in the world. Unlike his vision,Read more


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Introduction to VAT in KSA Saudi Arabia has imposed a value-added tax, as one of the largest Gulf economies to boost non-oil income and narrow wide fiscal deficits caused by years of low oil prices. On Jan 1, 2018, the VAT came into implementation in the kingdom; the tax-free lifestyle has come to end. ValueRead more

Anyone can become rich

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“Some people become superstars and famous in a short period. They make a fair bundle and live out an affluent life. Most of us perceive them as lucky people. In reality, they are the “risk-takers” and come as the brave hearts taking courageous decisions. “ -Anonymous writer Introduction About half population of states have anRead more

eCrackers , The Answer To Restrictions

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Once the clay lamps are illuminated, the festive night morphs into sound and fury. If you are from the hub of fireworks, you would know the sweat and tensions behind that one celebratory night. Starting from the production to the delivery, one has to look into the legislation before drawing the business needs. But haveRead more

One Software doesn’t fit all Business

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Alan Cooper, father of Visual Programming language, trumpeted the idea of designing to meet specific needs. Cooper formalized by focusing on a particular class of people through the idea of personas, which are point by point depictions of theoretical individuals who will utilize a product framework. In association, these personas are utilized to control conceptualizingRead more

Why US UK KSA should outsource their software?

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Software development is competitive even in the best of circumstances . At the point when your organization is thinking about employing an outside firm to do your development, it is present upon you and your whole staff to ensure the task meets up without staggering over obstacles that shouldn’t have progressed towards becoming an issueRead more

Talent management for small & medium-size businesses

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Steer your business to handle change by creating the right road map for your talent journey Building a talent strategy for a small or medium-size business (SMB) isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. In fact, it might feel like hitting the road without a map, let alone without a GPS. Depending on your business objectives, the talentRead more